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The NIPPON Foundation, Project Coordinator Mr.Toru Koike visits MILI and monitors project activities

Project Coordinator of The NIPPON Foundation, Mr.Toru Koike visited MILI and monitored MILI project activities and its Taung Goo branch offices’ project activities that are being implemented by their endeavors. Along his the monitoring visit, on 27th June 2019, he visited to Taung Goo MILI Branch Office and observed the progress of Shae Saung Electronic Shop and Printing Service Shop that are implementing as income generation activity of Taung Goo Branch Office and supported by ABILIC Foundation. On 28th, he met students with disabilities who got scholarship grant supported by The NIPPON Foundation and observed conducting proposal writing training as activity of MAM Project. On 29th, he visited to MILI’s Office Compound that being planned to build accessible office with the supported of foundation. On his visit, MILI Executive Director U Nay Lin Soe, Consultant Daw Yu Ya Thu, Coordinator Daw Yu Yu Swe and related project focals were accompanied and presented project implementation.

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