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We Are Agents Of Change

Myanmar Independent Living Initiative – MILI (Registered at Ministry of Home Affairs of Union of Myanmar) is a non-government organization led by disabled persons run for persons with disability (PWDs) and has been working for equal rights, inclusion and independent living of people with multiple types of disability in Myanmar. The head quarter is based in Yangon city. The organization is structured and functioned by 3 pillars: (i) Development pillar, (ii) Political pillar and (iii) Social-business pillar. Our 28 local branches are operating in 10-regions and states across the country. There are currently 48 employees and 4,752 disabled members in the organization. MILI specifically works for the areas of inclusive livelihood, inclusive employment, inclusive education, inclusive health, inclusive disaster risk reduction, inclusive social-business, inclusive political participation, barrier-free environment, empowerment and capacity development of persons with disability and their organizations. And the organization stands for human rights of people with disability and advocates at national level for removal of discriminatory laws and promotion of right-based inclusive legislation in the country. During past years, MILI played as one of key stakeholders for enactment and amendment of Disability Rights Law, National Education Law and Union Election Bylaws to include disability perspectives and inclusive sections for people with disabilities in close collaboration with Parliaments, Election Management Body and relevant Government Ministries of Myanmar. Moreover, MILI works for capacity development of international and local non-government organizations to mainstream disability in their policy and development agenda.


Most people in Myanmar believe that disability is an individual health condition that can only be addressed by doctors and family members. The charity based model being to often the only alternative to Persons with Disability (PWDs). Living conditions and opportunities for PWDs were also weak and uneven long decades under the military government.  There were a few Disabled People Organizations across the country. Nevertheless, they mainly target one specific type of disability each and their movements were also more focused on charity model.

Being aware of this situation, three Myanmar nationals with disabilities (Nay Lin Soe, Aung Ko Myint, May Khant Chit Khin),  in together with Yu Ya Thu, Naw Beauty Bright and Nwaye Zar Chi Soe facilitated the establishment of Myanmar Independent Living Initiative (MILI), after completing their one-year DUSKIN Leadership Training in Japan (a program for persons with disabilities in Asia and the pacific Region). It was formed in Yangon on May 8th 2011 to initiate the independent living movement of persons with disabilities and promote the social and right-based model of disability with an emphasis on policy advocacy and awareness raising at all level.


To build an inclusive and right-based barrier free society where persons with disabilities can live independently with their full potential as other.


To achieve its goal MILI empower and support persons with disabilities for their independent living while advocating and promoting the inclusion and rights of persons with disabilities. 


People with disabilities
(Priority to women, children and persons with severe disabilities)

  • Persons with physical, visual and/or hearing impairment
  • Persons with intellectual impairment
  • Persons with Leprosy
  • Persons with HIV/AIDS
  • Persons with long-term disease
  • Persons with epilepsy
  • Poor elderly persons

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