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Meeting with YRTA Officials


MILI delegates led by U Nay Lin Soe, executive director met Yangon Region Transport Authority (YRTA) officials led by Daw Nilar Kyaw, chairperson of YRTA, minister of Yangon region electric and transportation sector on 15th February 2018 at No.101 meeting hall of Yangon region government office. In meeting MILI presented difficulties of PWDs who with physical, visual, hearing and intellectual impaired when they take on YBS and presented findings and gave the following suggestions to become accessible and convenience YBS for PWDs ;

(1) To build up a role model bus line that considered disability inclusion of PWDs and could be followed other bus lines

(2) To start changing YBS line from available situation for accessibility of PWDs

(3) To announce update changed services to public

(4) To recognize and honor to those who outstandingly served for PWDs

(5) To coordinate and get suggestion from DPOs when policies and implementation plans are developed

YRTA delegates responded and discussed upon MILI’s presentation as follow;

(1) Will force tender passed company for accessible of PWDs when new bus stops are built

(2) Will coordinate with YBS to set up LED, Sound and alert systems in current buses for alarming what bus stop will be arrived to.

(3) Will coordinate with MILI to be included disability concept subject in training for YBS operators

(4) Will set up hot line call numbers for PWDs in current YBS customer service call center to be able to give feed backs and suggestions upon what difficulties they had.

At 18.3.2018 MILI delegates led by coordinator Daw Yu Yu Swe met YRTA officials as second time. In meeting YRTA announced and gave three hot line numbers for PWDs to be able to give feed backs and suggestions. So all PWDs can call on the following three line numbers and give instructive feedbacks and suggestions to YBS. Hotline numbers for PWDs are;

09 – 449216572

09 – 458881881

09 – 456881881

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