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Disability Situation in Myanmar

Persons with disabilities (PWD) can only be sure of improving their living conditions through processes led by their own organizations. These will consist of PWD who can identify, assess and formulate their particular disability group’s situation, needs and potentials. Through lobbying, advocacy and internal organizational activities, the organization raise awareness and create understanding, while working towards equal opportunities and necessary services, for instance for the visually impaired in society. [Disabled People’s Organizations Denmark,2009]

In Myanmar especially rural areas, organizations of PWD(SHG-MILI Branches) are weak and lack resources to establish (unitary) structures. Organizational set-ups and common ideas are necessary to ensure consistent outreach to politicians, authorities and external funding agencies and organizations. This makes it crucial to strengthen the organizations of PWD(SHG-MILI Branches). [Disabled People’s Organizations Denmark,2009]   

Myanmar Independent Living Initiative, MILI, has been initiating and supporting SHG-MILI Branches, for the past 5 years through Disability Inclusive Project which was supported by The Nippon Foundation. This initiation has led to the establishment and set-ups well-structured 28 SHG at 4 states and 6 regions. Currently, MILI is supporting SHG-MILI Branches through a comprehensive project of MAM project aimed at conducting organizational capacity assessment, offering training , providing sub-grant for livelihood and advocacy activities, support and back-up to persons with disabilities from the organization at national, regional and community levels.

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